12-week 30-hour session with international experts.

The cohort helps to sharpen participants' knowledge and skills in the areas of climate change and sustainability to support the development of new, exciting, and innovative ideas for sustainable enterprise.

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Do you know what Green Solution is?

All young people should have opportunities to connect with nature and to contribute the power of their leadership and creativity to help ensure a healthy, sustainable environment.



Do you have any ideas?

All young people should have opportunities to connect with nature and to contribute the power of their leadership and creativity to help ensure a healthy, sustainable environment.



Do you want to collaborate on Cohort?

You can also support us on events as speakers, facilitators and as a mentor along with showcasing your product or services related to green solutions to the participants.

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Green Economy

Strengthen the capacity of participants by building knowledge, understanding, and skills required for identifying and integrating greener, climate-resilient, low-emission economy practices into their ideas which can be replicated and developed at scale.

Sustainable Operation

We teach how to read the electricity meter, audit all the power-consuming appliances that contribute to the cost, share information on more efficient alternatives in the market, and then prepare an action plan to become energy efficient to reduce business costs and increase profitability and competitiveness. We do this with water, waste, raw material handling, transport/mobility, etc.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an iterative process to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions we can prototype and test.


Every product has a target audience and is designed to solve its users’ problems in some way. To assess whether a product solves its users' problems, designers create an almost-working model or mock-up of the product, called a prototype, and test it with prospective users and stakeholders.

Green Business

To ensure that the planet, people, purpose, profit are all considered while moving ahead.


Onboarding on Online Platform

Introduction Via Felt Map

Introduction session conducted via an interactive felt map where participants fill in their information themselves over a map layer

Footrprint Calculator

Calculate footprint to find out the Earth Overshoot Day, the date when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year.


Arbor Day

Participation in Arbordaze Family Festival in Euless, Texas showcasing the project goal, objectives and current status in a big canavs.

Discussion on 8 green solutions ideas among 10 participants.

Exposure visit to Hurts Creative Marketplace to understand the marketing aspect of the green products.

Eight Green Solutions ideas selected from the pitch of Youth cohort on green solutions, as a part of 40 hour hybrid session. Green Fellows pass through different processes of product development. on the product development process that encompasses ideation, concept development, prototyping, testing and validation, iteration and improvement, and ultimately, the launch and scaling of green solutions ideas by end of this year.

Green Fellow

Crocheted Plarn Items

By: Anastasia Fike

Community Garden

By: Aashna Poudyal / Araya Ghimire


By: Ayusha Baral / Nandina Pandit

Homemade Toothpaste

By: hreeya Pokhrel

Zero Waste Tote Bags

By: Saniya Surani / Aastra Shrestha

Natural Green Tea

By: Sanvi Chaudhary

Night of Ecology

By: Kartik Koranne