Saurav Dhakal

Founder & Curator

Saurav Dhakal, Storyteller and Sustainability Campaigner. based in Nepal-USA and work on three platforms: — an initiative that places stories of people, communities and their pain points at the heart of the solutions we design, — an online marketplace that sources and sells organically grown and sustainably produced products, and — an enterprise that focuses on empowering local youth and communities to take active part in making their communities vibrant using technology.

He coached on different changemaker programs with the lenses of well-being (self), inclusivity (society) and resourcefulness (nature) through igniting individual and collective capacities to service humanity.

Recently Coach on ‘In Our Hands’ a new opportunity for young people to get involved in the creative green economy and inclusive climate action in collaboration with British Council and working on Youth Cohort on Green Solution 2023 aims to support the development of new, exciting, and innovative ideas for sustainable enterprise which will harness nature-based solutions and practices to promote positive environmental impacts and climate change resilience in the city of Euless, Texas.

He adapted ecologically conscious life to campaign for sustainable lifestyle and Nature Based Solutions, he cycles everywhere, he promotes local production, and 4r’s (Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, Reuse). He has also led many plantation programs to enhance the greenery of different cities.

In 2012 he traveled 99 days long trek GHT (Great Himalayan Trail). After coming back he took his interest in impact based storytelling seriously and formulated Storycamps which is a thematic storytelling workshop using digitals tools. In 2014, with Google Earth, he traveled to Everest base camp, with which he accessed various informative contents.

Saurav is a 2011 International British Council Climate Champion and the 2012 winner of the South Asian Climate Change Award (SACCA) and member of the Ashoka Nepal Forum for Young Social Entrepreneurs (AFYSE) – 2007