StoryCycle set out to foothill of Himalayas in sacred khumbu region to search inspiring stories about local people, and also help them place themselves in a digital map.

Everest, the top of the world, intrigues whole world with it’s status. It appeals to travellers with it’s sense of mysticism and exoticness. It challenges adventurer to conquer the roof of the world, stand over it and gaze below. It humbles mankind with it’s monumental landscape, and wows the people with its scenic grandeur.

However, Everest is more than a spectacular geographic icon. It is a sacred living place of the Sherpas, the children of the mountains. It also thrives with magnificent flora and fauna. Interestingly there are communities, legends and stories pave the path of Khumbu region and surrounding village. Those stories are heard less in the world, visualized less by the people and told less to the people.

StoryCycle is gratified towards the support from Google Earth Outreach, Apa Sherpa and surrounding villages. We feel proud to have travelled with the legend, Apa Sherpa, who holds the world record of reaching the top of the everest staggering 21 times. Now, Apa is embarking on a greater adventure of bringing better education to the children of the mountains. Here is the moment and experiences we lived and cherished on our journey.

Total Distance Travelled


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71 Hours

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StoryCycle takes this opportunity as one in a series of it’s endeavor to explore, study and bring the local stories, put the place in global digital map and help local do the same themselves. When you are reading this, we are planning on embarking to similar journeys to shade the light on another part of the country. We need your support to make them happen and translate them in beautiful stories. Write back to us, share these stories and let us know, eagerly waiting for your support.

– Team StoryCycle

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Google Earth Outreach
Google Earth Outreach is a program from Google designed specifically to help non-profit and public benefit organizations around the world leverage the power of Google Earth and Maps to illustrate and advocate for the important work that they do in areas such as: environment, cultural preservation, humanitarian work and more.
The Apa Sherpa Foundation
The Apa Sherpa Foundation (ASF) empowers individuals throughout the world to follow the example of Apa Sherpa in overcoming adversity. The Apa Sherpa Foundation seeks to build on Apa’s legacy by strengthening individuals where they live, beginning in Thame, Nepal, Apa’s home village and outward from there.
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