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The North Face brings to you the 7th Yak Attack 2013, the highest mountain bike race in the world. It is also one of the toughest races in the world! The NorthFace Yak Attack 2013 has 11 countries and 33 participants battling it out in the Annapurna Circuit ...


Concept & Direction: Aparajita Acharya
Script & Interviews: Aparajita Acharya
Video Editing/ Arrangements: Sushil Gurung
Videography: Jeevan Ale
Photography: Kumar Ale/ Mithila Jariwala

Why I grew tuppi, two things I protest, Journalist's wife and tuppi's effect on language. This amazing character made our hike easy and fun with all his spontaneous gags and funny presentation skill,great exercise for facial muscle :D Without him our hike to Devichaur this Saturday would've been pickle without salt and lemon!