7 Steps to Sustainability; Lets change ourselves first

17 May 2020 in Climate Change by Manisha

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Air, Water, Food,  ecosystem, energy are a highly important element of the environment that provides the necessary support to livelihood. Lately, due to rapid and haphazard urbanization, natural resources are depleting in a similar pattern. It has resulted in our ecosystem severely affected, which also includes the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use, and our overall existence. In addition to that besides the environment, it has disrupted the system we have for ourselves, the community, and the government. 

It would be best if we humans can celebrate Environment Week by redefining our everyday habits toward a sustainable lifestyle. With this approach taking people on different walks of life in a journey of environmental sustainability through seven themes in seven days. 

Join us today and be a change in your place: https://forms.gle/kfyzz6GcsjQP7UCX9


7 Days, 7 Activities


Speakers  - Live Program Everyday at 5:30pm

Each day, at 5:30pm, we are gathering everyone in a zoom webinar to discuss on the themes based on the respective days. 







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