Let's Tell Our Stories Together

24 Jun 2018 in Leadership by Manisha

Here is a blog post by our chairperson Mr. Sanjib Chaudhary


Stories, the characters that make the stories and the places where the stories are born – have you ever pondered entwining them together?

The simplicity of characters and the complexity of situations while weaving a story – have you ever mulled over this dilemma?

Every brand has multiple stories to tell and many stories make a brand – have you ever thought this way?


I had been following StoryCycle since its inception and only when I attended the StoryCamps organised by StoryCycle in Saptari and Surkhet, I came closer to know more about the nuances of storytelling. And let me tell you storytelling isn’t as simple as it seems to be. However, nothing is impossible if you know how to turn the ‘impossible’ into ‘I’m possible’. And StoryCycle provides the perfect platform to sharpen your saws on storytelling.


See how we’ve been telling stories at StoryCycle:

Stories about people and place

We dig out the human interest stories and find the stories behind places. The evidence and map-based stories take you to the actual places of the origin of stories.  


Stories about travel

The more you travel across Nepal, more you discover how beautiful the country and the people are. We organise travel-based events to promote local culture and domestic products.

Stories about art and heritage

Nepal's culture dates back to several thousand years, forming a foundation on which subsequent generations have built. We promote these rich culture and historical artefacts globally.


Stories about languages

Every language has its own plethora of words, phrases and idioms that no other language can match. We translate stories from one language to another so that they reach a wider audience.



Stories about digital and social media

Social Media is the fastest growing industry in the world and it’s taking over the world quicker than anything else. We train people on how to use social media effectively and efficiently.



Working as a team

Members run StoryCycle. It’s the members who choose the board, advisors and the working committee. Members decide on the strategic direction and the roadmap for the future. It’s all about working as a team.


Turning ideas into action

Storytellers not only tell stories at StoryCycle. We delve deeper into the issues, formulate ideas and turn those ideas into action. Our Dream City and GreenGrowth (were mere ideas when we started but today they’ve developed into full-fledged sister entities.

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