Life Connected by Electricity

Barpak’s electrification has economically and socially transformed the village. This transformation has been encouraging young people to return to the village and start new ventures. This wouldn’t have been possible without electrification of the village.

In the rainy season of 2014 we set out in search of a village called Barpak in Gorkha district. Barpak lured us as a destination because it has an uninterrupted and inexpensive supply of electricity. We were tired of never-ending cycles of power outages in the city, hence we went to Barpak in search of light.

Barpak StoryCamp at a Glance

Barpak (बारपाक)

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Barpak is located in the northern part of Gorkha district. It is at an altitude of about 1900 meters above sea level. The village is inhabited by ethnic groups like Gurungs, Ghales, Pariyars, and Sunuwars, among others. The village has over 1200 houses.

Bir Bahadur Ghale

Bir Bahadur Ghale is a venerable person in the village. He earned his respect by bringing a leaping shift in the village by electrifying it. He was merely in his twenties when he led to electrify the entire village back in the early 90s. The electrification has brought remarkable economic and social transformation in the village . Young people, who had migrated out for work, have started returning to the village to run various businesses. This feat would not have been possible without electrification of the village. People in the village are grateful to Bir Bahadur’s venture of power production for transforming the village from a mundane village to a vibrant tourism destination.

Barpak in the Press

विसं २०४८ मा वीरबहादुर घलेले साना जलविद्युतबाट पहिलोपल्ट बारपाकमा बिजुली बाले। बारपाक ग्रामीण विद्युतीकरणले अहिले १४० किलोवाट विद्युत् उत्पादन गरिरहेको छ जसलाई ३१० वटा पोलमा ११० किलोमिटर तार मार्फत १२ सय घरमा पुर्‍याइएको छ। कान्तिपुर कोसेली

How can you get to Barpak?

You can go to Barpak on a Jeep. Or, you can go upto Baluwa/Chanaute on a bus and then trek up to Barpak. If you are going by Jeep, Barpak can be reached in one day from capital Kathmandu.

For the StoryCamp, we first drove to district headquarter Gorkha. We spent two days at the district headquarter as part of the camp. Then, we hiked to Barpak in two days. On the first day, we walked to Bhachchek via Chanaute. On the second day we hiked to Barpak from Bhachchek.


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