The Cycling event was campaigned to promote sindhuligadhi as a tourist destination as 2016 was declared “ghumfir year”.

Ride through SindhuliGadhi  is 250 KM Cycling[Kathmandu – Sindhuli – Janakpur ] to celebrate anniversary of the Sindhuligadhi history. The ride will be of 3 Nights & 4 Days. The ride will contribute towards the preservation and promotion of the historical heritage fort Sindhuli Gadhi and the heritage city Janakpur by collating information, designing it, and disseminating to a wider audience in order to promote tourism and economic status of the locals. It will help the local community to develop their capacity to set up tourism infrastructures, develop tourist activities, and respond better to tourists, which will ultimately help improve the tourist experience in the area. The increased visibility will boost business activities and opportunities.

Sindhuligadhi is one of the important landmark carrying the glorious victory against the British troops. The local municipality organizes cultural program on gadhi to mark the anniversary of the historic event each year. Sambridha Sindhuli Abhiyan decided to be a part of that by taking cyclist from kathmandu  on the very day. The organization is formed by the group of activists to promote the local tourism of the area.Last year, The journey started from Pashupati Nath temple to Janakpur to mark the religious occasion of Bibaha Panchami which holds a special importance in Janakpur.

A battling uphill to the gadhi to swirling 30 minute downhill rush to the flat lands of terai, Ride to Sindhuligadhi offers variety of cultural and thrilling experience that you will never forget.