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White Umbrella is a stop motion animation story of a poverty-stricken family that changes its situation through an entrepreneurial endeavor. "Work is worship," the family discovers, as effort and savings pay dividends for their future. All the characters and sets in this film is prepared using waste or junk materials like papers , plastic, wire, cloths, pieces of wood, empty boxes, wrapping papers etc. 

This film describes democracy as a black colour and black is a POWER OF NATION.

Anup's video "Democracy is Black" was selected the winner among 2,200 participants from 89 countries around the world. The 1minutes 30 second video explains the meaning of democracy.

Anup has defined democracy by using four colors to represent unity, freedom, peace and love. When the four colors are mixed together the resulting color, black, is what Anup thinks, is democracy.


Forth Worth Community Arts Center (, in association with StoryCycle Inc., is going to organize “Nepal Show 2017”, a three-week exhibition of art, craft and multimedia.   

Nepal is a country with rich tradition of crafts, both secular and religious. Men and women create these crafts like their forefathers have done for centuries. They continue to exhibit a high level of skill passed on from one generation to another. They still use primitive tools and work in very rudimentary settings, yet the results are exquisite. Little is known of these people and the workshops and studios where they create these arts and crafts.

Nepal is undergoing significant development in social, economic and environmental fields and as a result, these crafts are at risk of dying out. Young people who are instrumental in bringing about these changes aspire to the values of the developed nations and they no longer want to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers as crafts practitioners. For this reason, the time to record the life and work of this unique group of people is running out. It is thus important to raise awareness about the work of these people and record them on time.

The exhibition project will be on show at USA  from April 07 - April 30,  2017. We will present the life and work of these people through photographs, written documentation, video and physical objects. The presentation will provide a holistic view of the fine arts and crafts as they are at this point.


Art : We have a collection of art items from our Everest Story Camp that was led by artist RK Thapa ( ). And recently we conducted Dumja Art Camp with young artists that we are showcasing at the show.


Craft : We have a collection of crafts with the theme ‘When Heritage falls Artists Rise’  from the team of Crafted in Kathmandu ( ) and a few collection of crafts made at the Early Childhood  Development Center.   


Multimedia : We have collected a number of photo and video stories from our StoryCamps and Build Camps. We have selected some pictures and videos from these camps for this show. We will showcase “Stories from Everest and Apa Sherpa” and “Stories from the epicenter and beyond” as the major video stories. We also have a collection of photos by Nabin Baral and Jay Poudel (


For Appointment : Saurav Dhakal [ Curator of  this show ] 

StoryCycle based in USA and Nepal (a storytelling platform that encourages people from grassroots to tell their stories and bring change in society) organised a series of events in the USA. We organised “Apa Sherpa and Stories from Everest” in California in February 2015 and “Stories from epicenter and beyond” in Washington DC in October 2015.


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