HR Meet 2011

27 Aug 2014 in Leadership by Storyteller

January 17, 2011: The HR Meet, patented and organized annually by Growth Sellers Private Limited, is to be held this year on 24th February, Thursday. Every year HR Meet is organized with a number of participants from various sectors including business and non-profit organizations.  

The only Human Resource meet of its kind has been held for three consecutive years so far. The theme for HR Meet 2011 is: 'Learn from the Leaders'.

And appropriate to the theme, the program will be led by two of the world leaders, in their respective fields. One of the top ranking motivational and management expert who also ranks in the fourth position in Sales Management Professional in the world, Mr. Barry Maher, who is also author of the book “Filling The Glass” listed as one of the world’s seven essential business books by The Librarian along with other influential HR Leader Mr. Sanjay Muthal listed among 50 influential leaders in India, will hold sessions for the Nepali professionals in this year's edition. Also Spiritual educator Mr. L.P. Bhanu will be one of the esteemed resource persons. Managers from several SAARC nations are  expected to participate in this program as per several correspondences received.

HR Manager of the year 2010

HR Meet is the perfect platform to discuss HR issues as well as strengthening and empowering the HR community for future. For the same purpose, starting last year, HR Meet has been highlighted by the award: HR Manager of the year.

The nominations for the award for the year 2010 is open, with number of entries already received so far.

Neeta Rana, HR Manager of Golchha organization, had won the award for the year 2009.

Anybody can file the nominations, for HR Manager of 2010. However, nobody is allowed to nominate their own name.

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