Fish Fish no Fish

25 Aug 2014 in Climate Change by Storyteller

After being unable to get fish for their livelihood, the villagers are making arrangements to go to Trishuli, Marsyangdi, Kali Gandaki and Budhi Gandaki in search of gold.

Although this sounds like a normal happening.  This is not something very normal.  Although rich in greenery and natural beauty we have been careless to preserve our natural resources and have neglected ourselves being concerned of climate change.  The fishes in Madi river have not vanished just for no reason.  There are various reasons attached to it.  The practice of fishing using electricity, the tendency of throwing industrial and human waste has affected the fishes living there and the organisms that fish depend on to survive to make survival possible for many Karna Bahadur Botes of this area.  It is clearly evident that the fishes are vanishing from this region due to unleashed fishing, i.e. no barrier in the amount of fishing that can be done as there is no authority to monitor it.  This is an alarm to prevent fishes being an extinct species from other regions to.  So it is time for everyone to be alert and preserve the natural resources upon which many lives are still dependent on. 

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