Digital Community Mapping for Paticaparory Seniory Development

28 Jun 2018 in Climate Change by Manisha

Firstly, we gathered government and non-government agencies at local level to acquire knowledge about the place and people.  We liaised and coordinated with PCU, hematic Specialists, DPCU, District Climate Change & Spatial Unit, Social Mobilization SP-ASHA to ensure quality delivery of enhanced LAPA preparation worked with these local parties which was very beneficial for us as they helped us recognize and identify the places. With the help of some ideas put down into sketches,we prepared a five day plan to map the entire area .

During the survey,  We used hand held devices such as smartphone, 360 camera to collect different businesses, taps, earthquake affected areas (name , description, images) of kavra district. We also used GIS devices along with our mobile phones to accurately identify the latitude and longitude of the places.

Later, the data is gathered and organized and divided into two parts : private and public data. Public data refers to the businesses around that area such as shops, restaurants, clothing store, medical shop and so on. Private data refers to number of houses , earthquake prone areas, landslide prone areas, watershed and so on. The public data are pushed to the Google Maps and OpenStreetMap and remaining private data are embedded into Google Mymaps .


Stories are our thing. We live for it. We strive for it. We reach out to different people, places and culture to find unique, hidden stories and bring it out to the world.

We collected interesting stories from different areas of kavra. The stories consist of the experience of people who have been living there whole life. They shared what they did, how the daily life is going on and what changes they have seen from the past. They shared their experience on how the grazing of animals around that area has changed over the years. Likewise, we interviewed people whose lives has been affected by landslide . They provided us some reasons behind the landslide and what could be done to prevent it.



Story Map