StoryCycle Completes First Phase of Digital Storytelling Workshop

22 Jan 2018 in Leadership by Manisha

A group of ten journalists working at Nepal’s leading digital outlets gathered in Nagarkot in mid-August for a residential workshop.  The group of ten was selected after a rigorous application process. After almost a two-hour drive from Kathmandu, the participants--senior reporters, copy editors and newsroom managers--arrived at a newly opened hotel in the resort town about kilometers northeast of Kathmandu.

For almost two days, they were free from deadline pressure. Everyone was eager to learn and share his or her experience of working at the emerging and increasingly popular medium of digital journalism. The first day’s session began with a brief introduction from trainers including Laura Oliver, a former Guardian journalist, Mohan Mainali, editor of South Asia Check, Deepak Adhikari, an independent journalist and Saurav Dhakal, the founder of StoryCycle.

The evening’s session set the tone for next day’s workshop, which began with an introduction to digital trends at global and local levels. Oliver did a presentation on how global media outlets such as Guardian are focusing on online readers. Mainali shared presented instances of fake news in Nepal and ways to tackle them.

Participants engaged in the discussion on audience engagement, how to share stories on social media and how to handle contents from readers.

Back in Kathmandu on August 19, StoryCycle organized a half-day session for reporters, who covered areas such as parliament, reconstruction, health, economics, and court. Oliver showcased good practices from English media in the US and UK whereas Arpan Shrestha, a Nepali journalist, shared tips on how to use mobile for better storytelling. Participants practiced new skills and raised questions about challenges they faced in their reporting.

The participants have access to Google Classroom, where we continue to share tips and ideas. Through the platform, we provide mentorship and assistance to them. We are holding another workshop for digital journalists of Pokhara. Watch this space for the announcement about the workshop in the beautiful city in western Nepal.

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