Google Earth features home of Nepal’s legendary climber

22 Jan 2018 in Tourism by Manisha

KATHMANDU—As the spring climbing season begins with hundreds of climbers heading to the Everest base camp, Google Earth has launched a new platform to inspire young people to learn about our planet.

This new version of Earth will have a streamlined UI; introduce a new feature called Voyager — a rich storytelling platform with partner-authored content; and offer tools like “I’m feeling lucky” and “Knowledge Cards” to make sure there’s always something more to do and learn about.

The Voyager  features a collection of map-based stories from around the world. It will be updated weekly, providing fresh compelling stories to help guide Earth users learn more about the planet.

It has different stories group like Travel, Nature, Culture, History and more. It also features interesting stories from Nepal on World Most Dramatic Mountain category and showcases works on mountains including Everest and Ama Dablam.   


The highlight of the feature called This is Home is a preview of the Home of Kancha Sherpa, the last living member of the 1953 expedition, when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first people in history to summit Mount Everest. You can see the home of Kancha Sherpa. 

Click here to Experience Kancha Sherpa's Home

You can also hear his experience from the expedition and know more about his house.

Google Earth Outreach has partnered with StoryCycle and the Apa Sherpa Foundation to help locals in the Everest region digitally represent their areas on Google Maps.

Apa Sherpa , a 21-time Mount Everest climber and chairperson of Apa Sherpa Foundation, said, “Khumbu region is famous for being home to Everest, but it’s also the home of the Sherpa community. I hope people viewing the images online will develop a deeper understanding of the region and of the people who live there.”

Saurav Dhakal, founder and curator of StoryCycle said, “Google Earth is the very interesting educational tool for everyone to understand the world. The Home Project could give different understanding about Nepal and Khumbu region. The Google Earth platform has given us energy and excitement to work on more interesting map-based storytelling projects in the years to come.”

The new app will be available on the web via Chrome browser at and a native Android app available via the Google Play store. It will also soon be available on iOS. Previously, Google Earth was available on desktop and mobile (Android, iOS). Note that the Android app will be rolled out to all users over the course of a week.

Click here to:

Experience Kancha Sherpa's Home

Experience the street view of Khumbu Region

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