Ride to SindhuliGadhi 2017

10 Apr 2017 in Tourism by Manisha



Ride to SindhuliGadhi  is a 153 KM Cycling journey from kathmandu to sindhuligadhi where will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Sindhuligadhi battle Victory. The event will be of 2 Night and 3 Days .

Day 1: Kathmandu to Khurkot  -  111 Km

Day 2: Khurkot to SindhuliGadhi to SindhuliMadi -  42 Km

Day 3 : SindhuliMadi to Kathmandu

The Project will contribute towards preservation and promotion of the historical heritage fort by collating information, designing it, and disseminating to a wider audience in order to promote tourism to the area the economic status of the locals.

The project will focus its activities towards fulfilling two chief goals: increasing Sindhuligadhi's visibility to the wider audience, and improving visitor experience in Sindhuligadhi.

Take a look at our video of our succesful event "Ride to Sindhuligadhi 2016".


Participants : 250 Cycle Ride

Participants Entry :

Male : 3500 /-

Female : 3000/-

Others : 3000/-

International : 135$

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