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28 Jul 2014 in Tourism by Storyteller

Deep blue lake, coniferous forest around, highland above and snow capped himalayan range in the top, a blend of unbelievable beauty and boundary people often compare it with Nymph of Heaven.

Adorably beautiful Rara lake in western Nepal, in the lap of northern himalayan range, mesmerise everyone with its beauty. Considered one of the best destination in Nepal for Trekking Rara is rich in biodiversity and living culture. It is famous because of flora and fauna, high himalayan views, white plateau, local culture, and art and living styles.

Rara, a clean high altitude lake at an elevationof 2990m ringed by pine, juniper and forests and show capped himalayan peaks is the main attraction of Rara National Park. Spread over 14 Sq. Km, the deepest part of the lake 170m. The oval shaped lake, with east west axis has maximum length of 5Km and 3Km width has its water flow from its bank and ultimately merge with the Karnali river through the george of Khaptad brook. Early morning stroll around the lake gives us a lot of pleasure. It is more pleasure to ride a local boat in the early morning in the calm water.

The strong breeze and waves in the lake make a difficult to such boat rides in the afternoons. The sound of waves splash against the eastern bank of the lake makes echos now and then to make the beautiful scenery all making more charming. The 4 hours walk to Chuchemara lake at 4039m or 2 hours walk to Murmatop at 3400m gives the full view of rara lake. 

Rara National Park was established in 1976 translocating two villages Rara and Chapung, spread over 106 Sq. Km. The main attraction of this National Park is the Rara Lake. The National Park charges entry fees to visitors though there is some infrastructure in the west bank, the other areas are covered with dense forest and large grass plateau. The visitors can either use the moderate tea shop lodge outside the western part of the National Park or enjoy tented camps.

Rara is inhabitated by people of diverse culture and religions. In the upper part of Rara, the Chhetri, Bhramins, Thakuri and Dalits follow hindu religion. People living in the lower part of the Rara celebrate Dasain and Tihar and believe in Sammanism. Agriculture is the main occupation. Bhotes, who follow Buddhism are considered to be rich religiously and culturally. They celebrate Lhosar and other Tibetan festivals. Their villages are decorated with Gumbas and Chartans and Lamas and Saints pronounce mantras. Animal husbandary and business are their main occupation.

Scenic beauty of himalayan peaks Api, Sipal, Nampha, Kangiroba and Khagmara attract trekkers. The sheep, buffaloes, cowes, horses grazing in grassy plateau above 4000m hold everyone eye. Pine, sprouts, wall nut, himalayan puppler, rhodendron, oak are little vegetation that grow in this area. Rara is home to 20 species of mammal including snow leopard. Around 240 species of birds and plenty of medicinal herbs are found in and around the park.

During the winter season with high passage covered with snow. It is difficult to trek around this area. May and June are the best months to visit Rara. During this time the lake surrounding are decorated with wild flowers and look like carpet. September and November considered period for Trekking, Kailashmansarobar in Tibet can be visited from Rara by Humla. Dolpa can also be visited from rara by Kharang.

Few other attractions of this National Park are Mugu Village joining Tibet, Gumbas and Chatans around them. Flight and Trekking are two best options to reach Rara and explore its facinity. Rara can be reached within an hours after 45 minutes flights to Talcha Airport from Nepalgunj. This is the easiest and most popular route. The flight is quite exciting as the plane passes high himalayas. The Talcha Airport originally a hillock was flattened. The Twin Otter service in airport is operated from Nepalgunj and Surkhet.

Jumla is another gateway to reach Rara trekking route. It can either be reached by 30 minutes flight from Nepalgunj and from Surkhet two days gravel road ride. Jumla is the main commercial center for Karnali area. Budget hotels with resturants with hot shower facilities are available in Jumla. To reach Rara from Jumla you can choose one of the two routes. Historically important synagya valley or through Chauthapina. Both routes are best to observe unique life styles and geographical location of Karnali. 

Another option to reach Rara is to take chartered helicopter flight. 

Rara is a must go destination for trekkers wishing to enjoy pristine environment and isolated place. Its a paradise on earth where one must visit in one's life time.

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