Self dependence to achieve goal: Dr. Mahabir Pun

28 Jul 2014 in Lifestyle by Storyteller


The work of Great spirit of people are always inspiring, motivational and core from which we and society could obtain knowledge, strength and many more. Sharing of all those self experiences certainly help to energies people to come forth.  Talk Talk has been created a space where those innovative inspiration people from different background came and shares their understanding. Moreover, inspiring each other in the environment of knowing and being known in a interacting manner. This takes place on the first Monday of every month due to Nepali calendar.

Dr. Mahabir Pun, guest of Talk Talk organized by Story cycle on Monday, August 20 at Nepal Tourism Board. Pun was renowned social entrepreneur all over Nepal, also globally for his extensive web technologies in remote area who has been awarded with Ramon Magsaysay Award for community leadership. Pun, who is known to defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and found out of the depth who have got appreciation a sensitivity and an understanding of life. I found him a person of simple living high thinking who advocates of self-dependency. For instance, country should instead focus on development through self reliance Pun suggests. He introduces Nepal Connection that is not for profit companies in Nepal but latest self funded project launching at Thamel. Nepali proverb “it is better to be crazy than to die”, his driving motivational quote. There was a fine participation of media groups, researcher, students etc. makes inspirational environment around there. Overwhelming experience enveloped at Talk Talk.


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