In the scorching days of summer, find joy and delight in the beauty and flavors of mangoes. The enchanting aroma, rich taste, and health benefits of mangoes hold a special place in the hearts of Nepali individuals. In this blog, we will explore the captivating charm and cultural significance of mangoes in Nepal, showcasing why this fruit holds a cherished spot in Nepali culture. You can get and taste the sweetness of mango from Jestha to Bhadra. Mango is cultivated mostly in Terai (Siraha, Saptari, Mahatari) and nowadays due to its popularity and modern day technology, it is also cultivated in hilly regions.

Lahan Malda Mango

Lahan Malda Mango is grown in Swarsoti Krishi Farm, Lahan.

Source Name : Saraswati Krishi Farm

Food Mile : 253.28 KM

Sindhuli Malda Mango

Sindhuli mango is from Dudhuli, Sindhuli grown in Laxmi Ganga Farm.

Source Name : Lil Bahadur Paudel

Food Mile : 208.89 KM

Krishna Bhog Mango

Krishna Bhog Mango is from Nijgad, Bara.

Dashehari Mango

Dashehari Mango is from Lahan.