2015 Earthquake Memories


RAGATI Project aims to promote resilient and sustainable urban growth through DRR capacity building of local authorities and active involvement of the private sector and local population. It will focus on two urban Municipalities: Changunarayan and Shankharapur in Kathmandu Valley.

Changunarayan municipality lies in Bhaktapur, the smallest district of central Nepal of recently announced province number 3. It covers an area of 62.98 Kilometer per Square with population density of 880 people per Square Kilometer. Changunarayan is famous for the Changunarayan Temple which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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80% of 11,684 house household affected by the earthquake

Number of Deaths in Changunarayan Municipality

Changunarayan Temple

Changunarayan Temple is the oldest Vishnu shrine in the Kathmandu Valley. Founded as early as 325 AD, it is one of Nepal�s most beautiful and historically important structures. This temple is said to be the oldest Hindu temple is still in use in the Kathmandu Valley. Built in two-tiered pagoda style, the main shrine here is guarded on all sides by pairs of real and mythical beasts elephants, lions, winged lions and ram-horned griffons & its roof struts feature some amazing intricate carvings of Tantric deities. The history of the site dates back to 4th Century and the first temple is thought to have been built in the time of King Hari Datta Varma in 325 AD.

Changunarayan and its associated buildings were badly affected by the 2015 earthquake, however, restoration of the temple is underway. The temple was destroyed many times by earthquake and fire and has been repeatedly restored. Much of the present temple was built in 1702 to repair fire-damage, although many of the ornaments are much older.

Khuwa Business

Fulmoon Baniya has been in the khuwa making business since last 32 years. It was initially started by her father and now she has undertaken the business. Her whole family is in the same business. The dish is famous amongst the locals. Ms. Baniya recalls the loss caused by the earthquake. The collected milk was all spilled and burnt as they all left home seeking safety. When the family returned home after three days, the collected milk was spoilt. There was no loss to anyone in the family except the farmhouse. Though the business has gone down after the earthquake, Ms. Baniya believes in hardship for good future and her family is the biggest achievement for her.

Bastola Gaun

Mr. Suraj Bastola, chairperson of Samudayeek Homestay Byawasthapan Samiti, formally started the concept of first Brahmin community homestay from 2068 B.S. After earthquake, all houses were deteriorated. For a year the homestay were shut before reconstructions were carried out. Now from 3 households with 14 beds are operating. The current homestays are built with the earthquake resistant standards and are safe.

Productive Sector

Nagarkot, a city inside changunarayan has a reputation as the top spot for enjoying Himalayan views from the comfort of your hotel balcony. The earthquake destroyed many hotels and homestays in Nagarkot . Out of 46 hotels & homestays, 6 hotels/homestays are found to have severe
damage which is in the process of rebuild now and 4 are partially damaged.

Brick Factory Loss and Damage Assessment in Changunarayan Municipality

Cross Cutting Sector

Bahulban is located a bit far of the place was the initial source of drinking water in the community. Before earthquake, there was smooth supply of water is now have been disrupted the sources of water, the supply is not enough for the population of 500. After the earthquake, they have formed Consumer committee for the proper regulation of water, but it has not come to the implementation. The committee is yet to discuss disaster risk reduction plans for the upcoming days.